Sometimes I get into that oldies zone. The before 2000s music. The lyrics were deep and you can really connect with the artiste.

It’s no wonder greatest of music genres were developed then and if you have time, listen to Otis Redding’s try a little tenderness on soundcloud.

Enough of the intro. These pictures were taken by my good friend who is developing his talent as a photographer. He is called Theo (okiirytheo on Instagram) and he is super passionate about what he does, he actually taught me how to take pictures on a DSLR. I hope to work with him more and watch us grow into our aspirations.

A bit of Donald Glover got me thinking after listening to his freestyle of pound cake (yes! rap guru here) and he said:

“I tried to stay inside and they still got something to say.”

No matter how much you seclude yourself from the world, there will always be someone out there with something to say about you. Not always positive though. But remember you’re deeper than all that is thrown at you. The world is too shallow to accommodate your spiritual wealth.

Seize the week my muffins. xx