The Larder at Radisson Blu

Yeah I know you’ve seen this hotel somewhere on the media or on a blog or you’ve seen it’s massive sign letters visible from miles away.

(I for one can see it everyday from school). If you haven’t, well uhm I’m glad I’m the one introducing you to it. I’m basically going to write about the Larder which is the main restaurant on the ground floor at this well crafted new hotel in Upperhill, Nairobi. I wish I’d taken pictures the first time I visited with mum and dad (around November 2015 ) but I didn’t have my camera then and dad was fussing about it so I thought it was a little exaggerated. It was about two weeks old then and I can swear I was mind blown! I’d not seen such  elaborately designed interiors around Nairobi. Ever! After dinner with the folks, I went straight to google to do a background check on them and found out it’s an American franchise under the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. I went on to hype my friends and make them make it a point to have a meal there.

I was successful and the next time I arrived we got to do a review about them and take gorgeous pictures (not really? sulk. okay). It was Nairobi Restaurant Week and smart college economists as we are, we took the advantage to experience this stunning hotel.

Almost everything was delectable from the appetizers to the desserts. The service was fairly good for a busy night seeing as there was a Coca Cola event taking place that very evening too. The other times it’s impeccable. Promise. I’ll try and describe each dish as it appears below. For now, if you’re planning on visiting Nairobi or you’re still hesitant thinking it’s just the hype, do go try it out because it’s worthwhile.


Prawn in chicken soup


well done one week marinated beef steak with french fries


le hors-d’œuvre served with liver and a whole yeast bun


creamed chicken and mashed potatoes

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All pictures were taken by me (still learning)

Seize the week,