The Wild Orchid

June is over and mid 2016 heat is making my face look like a connect-the-dots kids’ puzzle. I think I need to buy sunscreen with SPF 90 next time I decide to visit the tropics because this heat rash just irks.

So I decided to embark on a journey that makes my posts as real and blunt as possible especially with the restaurant content. I noticed certain styles of writing create a hype that flocks a crowd to a spot and the feel withers away slowly.

The Wild Orchid is a small bistro/café in Nakasero located opposite the upper side of Serena Hotel in Kampala. Ambience is calm and the table setting is made for a group of four to six. They offer a three course meal that’s the chef’s special for all unless you decide to try other dishes on the continental menu. My favourite was the gelato because the special was quite flat and not really worth the wild bill (guess it was the day’s luck).

Anyhow they have attentive staff and excellent service round the clock. They also have good updated fashion and travel magazines at the entrance in case you get bored waiting for a date to arrive (second worst feeling after browsing with slow internet). If you still have some money from June go there with an old friend and soak in the calm vibes over vanilla gelato.



Starters: Bread and Mushroom soup


Main: Fish fingers and Fries

Dessert: Vanilla and Chocolate Gelato

Dessert: Vanilla and Chocolate Gelato



DSC04371 DSC04373 DSC04401

Unrelated: I’m currently tasking myself to find a way of getting those chocolate chip cookies trapped in mason jars at almost every café and bistro because there has to be a way of winning them (don’t judge).

Seize the week,