The Cake Social

Hey people! It’s been a month or more since I posted, I apologize and I do have an explanation as to why I have been off the blogging grid. Firstly, I have been making adjustments to my site and finally came up with a new website theme that encompasses almost all I do with my brand on one page and that has taken lotttttssssss of time and patience to get right (you can check it out on a PC or laptop and give me feedback). Secondly, I have been quite busy trying to balance my creative work projects and school (can’t wait to get over with). Lastly, I have been thinking a lot about my content and what my niche is and how best I can serve quality content to them (still figuring it out).

Anyways last Saturday I was invited by a friend for a mini cake festival hosted by Emily aka Aluchic who bakes the best best best best cakes in Nairobi. I think I first ate her cupcakes in August 2016 and it felt like multi foodgasms combined with sunday-lunch bliss all in your mouth! I guess it’s because of the creamy frosting that fills up your palate and makes your eyes roll back with one bite (Nope. This is not a promo, I experienced this). The poolside event was fun and interactive with people from different fields getting to know each other over good cake and milk! I met two hilarious MCs and architects and IT people who are well grounded in what they do.

So yes…This is where I mention that I suck at baking and finally I learnt a thing or two from Aluchic especially how she evens out the frosting and puts the toppings which she told me that is the hardest part when it comes to baking. I was so envious of her siblings because they get to have a sister that feeds their sweet tooth almost each day (can they adopt me?).

I’ll leave the rest for your eyes to feast on and if you want to contact her, I’ll post the details below.


Flavors above: Chocolate fudge, Vanilla, Red Velvet

Baked by: Emily Aluoch (Aluchic)

Instagram: DessertBar_Ke

Phone number: +254726793317

Place orders 24 hours in advance. Contact her for the prices of the different cakes and cupcakes.

Deliveries are made around Nairobi (kshs 200)

Live and Love,