Hey guys I hope you are all doing fine! Does it really bother you that it has been sunny of late!

Aaa me too! I have been observing people’s faces and skin and well .. they are not so good. Ahahaha that includes my face. My face has been horrible of late. It has been transitioning from normal to combination and guess what it is now oily!!! I know most of you are experiencing the same thing and I am here to help. I have a list of products and steps  that will help you during the hot days especially those with combination to oily skin.




We all wash our faces at least once a day. Whatever you use to wash your face is acceptable. I use clean and clear to wash my face every morning and night. For those with oily skin or combination it is best you wash your face with lukewarm water. Cold or hot water tends to dry your face.


  • Boots Tea tree and Witch Hazel with active charcoal facial scrub

This is one of the best exfoliating scrub for your face. I used this product and its results were  amazing. Tea tree and witch hazel are ingredients that are very important for those with combination and oily skin. It is also helpful for those with pimples and acne. What is even better is the scrub is so affordable. It is about  5$ but if you are shipping it it might be a bit expensive. In Kenya the product is available at Good Life Pharmacy.

DSC01312 DSC01300


  • African Rooibos Facial mask

This is another product that is so nice! I started using this face mask a couple of months ago and i love it! It leaves my skin glowing. And the good news is it is so affordable. It was around Ksh 1295 (about 13$). I buy it at Healthy U stores or Nakumatt Mega. You’ll thank me later!



  • Nivea Aqua Effect Mattifying Toner

This is another product that has been such a darling to me! I have been using it and my skin does not usually feel oily. It is best if you use it daily. The oily and combination skin bandwagon this is for you! And you can find it in Tuskys and Nakumatt . it goes for around Ksh 600-700 (approximately 7$).

DSC01272 DSC01264


  • Rose water

I don’t know why people don’t really realise the things that rose water can  really do for you. Rose water can be used as a primer yes primer (dump those expensive primers you buy)! You can spray rose water to your face to set your make up. Rose water can be used as a toner since it is best known to even skin tone. And it is so cheap! The big bottle goes for around Ksh 70 (approx 0.6$)! I’m sure you can find it at any supermarket .


  • LULU Life shea butter

Many people may use shea butter for their hair but I use it for my face and it is amazing. Did you know that shea butter has a natural SPF of about 6? Shea butter has a lot of benefitS to your skin. It softens your skin. It is beneficial for skin collagen making your skin look youthful. It heals pimples and evens your complexion. I have been using shea butter  for over a year now. I actually use it everyday and night. It is a better alternative than Vaseline. The big jar goes for around Ksh 1200 (approx 12$). I buy mine at HEALTHY U and you can also find it at Good Life Pharmacy.



  • Nivea Face Sun Cream SPF30

I had been looking for the best sunscreen to apply on my face until a friend of mine introduced me to this amazing sun cream. Most sun screens make your face look a bit white and zombish. This one right here is just the opposite. It is non greasy and it is easy to apply on top of your moisturiser as it will blend so well. It is affordable too it goes for around Ksh 700 (about 7$). You will mostly find it at any Nakumatt supermarket. This is  one product to use every day!

DSC01367 DSC01364


  • JOHNSON’S Even complexion Day Cream

This is another cream that is suitable for all skin types. It  has natural extracts that can give you even complexion in just a matter of time. it is an amazing product and very cheap it goes for around Ksh 500 (approx 5$). I think it can be found at any leading supermarket.

DSC01251 DSC01243


  • Cotton balls

Cotton balls are useful when applying the toners on your face. I use the femme belle cotton balls. They go for around sh100 or a bit less. I mostly buy them at Tuskys supermarket.

I hope you guys find all these things very useful. Try them out and you will see the amazing results on your skin and maybe just maybe you can thank me later. Have a lovely time peeps!

This section is compiled by my good friend Annastacia who is a mini skin expert (jk expert!). Lord knows how much she’s helped me with my routine so I recommend her advice to you. Please bear with the length of the article because I didn’t want to compress the image quality. (All images were taken by me and yes I ate the haribos right after shooting with them)

Seize the week,