Shea By Asal Products Review

Hey hey hey! Hope you’ve had a splendid week because mine is slow and dull and full of procrastination (help me!).

Anyway in preparation for my giveaway that I will announce next month, I thought I should talk a little about some of the goodies that will be in one of the packages. I bought myself these products in September and I’ve not been disappointed since. I was suffering with black spots, flaky hair and split ends at the time and I passed by their pop up shop at the Strathmore Auditorium to see what they had to offer. That’s when I got their Turmeric and Shea butter soap and when that was a success, I went on to get their Hair growth stimulator and Shampoo bar.

How to use the products:

Clay shampoo bar: First of all this was my first time to use shampoo in a solid state and I was surprised it actually felt really good on my hair. I almost finished the bar in one wash because it smells so amazing and you can feel your hair detangle in the process. I section my hair into two parts and wash both sides thoroughly with the shampoo bar before I go ahead to deep condition. I recommend you also get their bentonite clay to mask your hair as you deep condition. It helps with hair that shrinks fast right after a wash & go.

Price: 350 kshs (approx. 4$/10,500ugx)

Hair growth stimulator: This is another unique product that is basically a 7-in-1 oil combination. It contains Shea oil, Blackseed oil, Coconut oil, Black castor oil, Sweet almond oil, Rosemary Oil and Vitamin E oil. Unbelievable yeah? You can basically heat this up as a hot oil treatment in itself and you’ll have a good-ass hair week! I love the herbal “foresty” scent that comes with it and I always put some in my water bottle when I’m preparing to twist-out.

You can apply this after washing to style your hair or you could warm it in a bowl and apply it as a hot oil treatment after sectioning your hair. Like I said before, I put in my water bottle because it smells fantastic and it has so many ingredients you would be a fool not to!

Price: 700kshs (approx. 7$/21,000ugx)

Shea butter and Turmeric soap: I’m no skin guru but I know that turmeric is the one of the best skin healers for problematic skin types like mine. This soap clears up blackheads, is excellent for uneven skin tones, stimulates blood circulation on your face, moisturizes, revitalizes and is also an anti-bacterial soap. It’s great for dry, oily and  combination skin types. With persistence you can see the results in a few days! I especially have issues with spots on my cheeks and forehead and this soap helps cleanse all the dirt that accumulates there. You should try it!

Price: 350kshs (approx. 3.5$/10,500ugx)


Other details:

Buy the products online from their page SHEABYASAL

Shops in Nairobi: Amadiva Beauty salon at Prestige Plaza and Super Cosmetics at Koinange Street and Woodvale Groove.

They have great offers and packages for natural hair and you can find out more on their page SHEABYASAL

PS: The floral shaped bar is the clay shampoo bar and the oval shaped one is the turmeric soap.

Live and Love,