Scalp Health and Recovering Your Hairline

Hey everyone! As you can tell from the title we will be talking about a touchy subject. A lot of us have had to deal with either of the two issues above or both. I’m no expert but I’m just going to use a bit of my experience and research to educate and help someone out there reading this post.

Scalp health

Cleansing. First things first, wash your scalp and hair on a regular basis. This can be weekly or bi-weekly but don’t spend more than a month without cleaning out all the dirt on your scalp. A clean scalp gives room for hair growth since your hair follicles are not clogged up with dirt. Get a moisturizing sulfate free shampoo and wash your scalp weekly. You can also cleanse your scalp with just water during the week or between wash days.

Dandruff. The most common causes of dandruff are dry scalp and sensitivity to certain hair products. The kind of dandruff I notice however is the one that happens when we stay with protective styles for too long and don’t moisturize our scalps throughout the period. Our scalp becomes dry and hence the itchiness and discomfort.

A great home remedy is applying Neem oil on your scalp and washing it out after a few hours. I add neem oil to my DIY black soap shampoo so you can add it to your shampoo as well. Other treatments you can try: Tea Tree essential oil, Aloe Vera gel, Vitamin E oil.

Greasing/Oiling. Hot oil treatments are a popular trend among lots of naturals and non-naturals. The problem comes in when you keep that treatment in for too long. Leave the treatment in for 6-12 hours at most and then wash it out with shampoo or just water. This way you have a healthy scalp and your follicles are not clogged up to stop hair growth.

Co-washing. This is basically using conditioner to wash your hair. A lot of naturals do this between wash days and it’s okay as long as you eventually wash your hair with an actual shampoo. Conditioner is meant to condition your hair so it really should not be applied on your scalp let alone stay there for days and weeks. If you co-wash often, be sure to eventually clean your scalp thoroughly with a sulfate free shampoo.


About two months ago I started noticing that my hairline was thinning severely and my heart stopped for a minute. Truth is you never notice it until about an inch has been taken away and you can’t tie high buns anymore. I decided to read about the condition from scientific journals and watch YouTube videos to find a remedy. I discovered that I had traction alopecia in the middle stages on the right side of my hairline.

Traction alopecia comes as a result of a lot of tension on your hairline which was the case with my hairline since it was blow-dried at high temperatures prior to styling and I wore hairstyles that snatched my poor edges.

I bought lots of oils and things to fix it but truly I realized I should just leave that patch alone and let it grow. Yes, I moisturize it and oil it but all it takes is patience and just leaving that section to grow back if it’s not permanently lost as is the case with severe traction alopecia. If you are experiencing the severe kind where the hair follicles are completely damaged, I suggest getting professional help.


  • Leave the damaged section alone for at least 3 months to recoup and grow.
  • When styling avoid tampering with the hairline by using brushes, combs etc. Gently use your fingers when laying your edges.
  • Avoid protective styles and hair styles that kill your hairline at all costs!
  • Refrain from frequently sleeking your edges and tying tight buns
  • Do not relax or chemically treat your edges
  • Do not wear wigs with combs at the hairline or use glue to stick a wig on
  • Avoid blow-drying/flat-ironing/hot-combing your hair and edges especially at high temperatures
  • Shampoo your hair gently and avoid the affected area
  • Sleep with a satin scarf or on a satin pillowcase
  • Apply black castor oil and rosemary oil to the affected area and lightly massage for about a minute. You can also apply any hair elixir or growth stimulator oil like wild growth hair oil, SheaByAsal/Bu.Ke, Kentaro etc.


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Live and Love,