Hey everyone. I finally got hold of the famous SheaMoisture products catalog last year and bought my first 3 go-to products in my regimen. BLISS!

They did not disappoint. At all! The instructions are pretty clear on the tins and I’ve had reasonably healthy hair despite my lazy yet busy routine. My hugest weakness is hair breakage and I suggest you understand your weakness first before buying the products so you can grow “buff” hair.


  • Pre-poo with olive oil or coconut oil and warm water overnight.
  • Condition your hair wholly. This softens it and makes the rest of the process less stressful. I used to shampoo first and realized I took more and more time and my hair wasn’t responding well. Wash out.
  • Shampoo in sections. Four. Six. Eight. As many as your tangle can handle. Get bobby pins or sectioning clips if your hair is long enough for them. Shampoo each side from the roots thoroughly. Get all that itch out! Wash out.
  • Apply the masque. Use a comb to run the masque through from the roots to the tips. It can be a bit knotted so be really really gentle. I normally combine with plain yogurt because it’s an amazing protein treatment, smells awesome andprevents hair loss. You can use an avocado and egg mixture too. I will make another protein treatment post about all this in a few weeks after my papers.
    • Steam if possible or leave the masque in your hair for at least 30 to 40 minutes. Watch how to get away with murder in the mean time.
    • Wash out and style (use a detangler). I normally tie twist outs and leave them in overnight (if I’m not lazy)

    Yes that’s my wash and go. It’s pretty simple once you master it. Cue your favorite playlist and start the process.


    Shampoo – SheaMoisture Jamaican black castor oil

    Conditioner – Tressemme Naturals (silicone free)

    Masque – SheaMoisture Yucca and Plantain

    Detangler – SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter

DSC00870 DSC00811 DSC00826 DSC00860 DSC00864 DSC00869 DSC00855 DSC00837 DSC00856

If you’re in Nairobi, Kenya you can access them at Carrefour and Super Cosmetics

In Kampala you can find them at Eve & Nico and many other stores at Acacia Mall

Live and Love,