Perfect Imperfections

We’ve all had that one busy week where you totally forget about your personal health and needs and in my case that I have a blog to run.
I also had a trashy morning and I got to work so late that the lady that’s usually fashionably late came in before me (yeah I like being punctual). It took me 2 hours to get to work! Nairobi’s traffic is as unpredictable as the way Beyoncé releases music. Five minutes off schedule and you’re in a herd of cars all trying to get to one spot at the same time (May the Lord grant me a magenta private jet someday).

Anyway enough of my silly ramblings, I felt so out of touch with my photography and I felt I should take portraits of the beautiful photogenic Wambui Kibe (we call her Kish so yeah if you meet her at a bus stop, holler at her). I think they are pretty amazing but this theme won’t do them justice (brace yourselves, I may be changing soon). I hope to have more editorial based photo-shoots with vogue concepts and styling and not just the blah cliché great dressing (if you get time, stalk MARGARET ZHANG and see what I’m talking about)

I honestly promised not to make this a long post (pinches self).

I connected with Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait paintings to get this subtle yet intensely picturesque look in memory of her talented and sexually charismatic persona (and unibrow).  I’m in love with extraordinary beauties. People that are super dark-skinned, albinos, people with skin pigmentation issues like vitiligo, black girls with freckles (such a rarity) etc. If you know anyone with such, please comment below, email or DM me so I can document them.

Let’s get to the pictures, shall we?

DSC03012 DSC03016 DSC03018 DSC03031 DSC03034 DSC03037 DSC03047 DSC03050 DSC03008
























































































(All pictures were taken by me)

Seize the week,