Mini twists as a protective style

Hi guys! This is a long post that will also include a video of me talking about mini twists as a protective style and how they can help you in your growth journey,

Pros of wearing mini twists:

          Very low maintenance. You keep your hands out of your hair most the time which means it will break less and enable you retain length.

          Showering. Unlike other styles where you keep your hair out of the shower, this style enables you to absorb sufficient amounts water from the shower thus promoting softer and more moisturized hair.

          Longevity. You can wear the style for over a month if you like.

          Retain moisture. Moisture easily evaporates from our strands when the hair is in an afro state so the twists ensure your hair keeps moist all day.

          Better scalp care. You can directly access your scalp to apply oils and treatments with mini twists. Also enhances the scalp massage experience.

          Easy to do. Unlike other complicated styles, these are easy to do and do not hurt at all.

          Official style for the workplace. You can tie them to the back with clips or tie a small puff if you are going to work.

          Great for busy naturals with no time to do their hair every day.

Cons of wearing mini twists:

          They take lots of time to install so be patient while at it.

          Limited versatility. There are a few style options for you with them so if you like manipulating your hair each week this may not be the style for you.


          Curiosity. A lot of people will get confused and ask what you have done with your hair. Get used to it. 😀

How to care for them:

          Shampooing. Using a moisturizing sulfate free shampoo, clean your scalp directly every week or at least twice a month.

          Leave-in conditioning and treatment. Since you won’t be regular conditioning and deep conditioning throughout the month, invest in a great leave-in conditioner with lots of slip for your twists.

          However, if you wear chunky twists during the week, you can get them out over the weekend and continue with your regular deep conditioning and regimen.

          Oils. Use oils as much as possible. It’s best to have sealing oils or thick butters for your mini twists which you will use after you shower with them or spritz each day. If you can invest in an anti-frizz oil like Argan oil that would be ideal as well.

          Moisturize your twists daily in the shower or outside the shower and before you go to sleep with a spritz bottle

          Strengthening treatments. You might want to incorporate some special treatments weekly like spraying your hair and scalp with raw aloe vera water or guava leaves water. This will tackle dryness, dandruff, itchiness and overall keep your hair strong while in the protective style.

          Wear a stain bonnet or scarf before you go to sleep to protect your hair at night.


Kentaro Handmade organics leave-in and growth blend oil

Kentaro handmade organics moisturizing shampoo

Marini Naturals leave-in conditioner

Kentaro Handmade organics leave-in and growth blend oil

My mini-twist set using shea butter, aloe vera and a leave-in conditioner

Product options:


–          Kentaro moisturizing shampoo: Click HERE

–          Sheth Naturals’ Sheba moisturizing shampoo bar: Click HERE

–          Bu.Ke shampoo bar: Click HERE

Leave-in conditioner:

–          Marini Naturals leave in conditioner: Click HERE

–          Kentaro berry milk leave-in conditioner: Click HERE

–          SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil leave-in conditioner


–          Argan oil

–          Jamaican black castor oil

–          Shea oil

–          Growth blends by Bu.Ke and Kentaro handmade organics.

Some of the oils may be found at Sheth Naturals and Sabihah Oils Africa. The growth blends are sold by the vendors’ respective stores.

Check out my first video explaining all this: HERE

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