I’ve been putting my French to use lately with this new internship (unnecessary info? okay).

For all that can’t interpret, MA FEMME OUGANDAISE stands for “MY UGANDAN LADY”.

I recently conducted a mini project around Kampala for a few days during and after my Easter holidays. It was about documenting my favourite young female Ugandan creatives that I have followed on social media for a while. Why? Because for a long long time I always thought we weren’t that rich in the arts and I emotionally punish myself at the thought today. I was so humbled to meet young ladies whose auras are so positive and whose contribution to social change and different aspects of the arts is voluminous but not as recognized as it should be.

It was a fun and great learning experience and I can count it among my top 5 escapades (right after road-tripping broke). The bonds and connections I made are etched in my heart (no this is not a Shakespeare line). However, I wished I could get portraits of my favourite feminist and writer TRICIA but due to unavoidable circumstances, I could not.

PS: My sister’s portraits are a plus and I hope I work on a mini project for men too when my photography improves.


She was my first gem for this series. I’ve followed her for a while now and I fell in love with her yoga because she’s actually committed to it and she tells me it soothes her and helps with meditation. I would try but frankly my bones would disagree (cries in spanish). She’s a technology with social change activist and is currently working on a software program to help farmers in rural parts of Uganda access better seed and cut the bureaucracy in their flow of funds. I learned so much from her and was astonished by her achievements.

We did this shoot on Easter Sunday afternoon at an army barracks! Yes! For the first time, my Easter had some edge to it. Oh! and we ate the most scrumptious tender ribs that evening at Que Pasa in Kampala (I know I’m late with this). They are a must must must have!

DSC02497 - Copy

DSC02502 DSC02519

DSC02447 - Copy DSC02508 DSC02533


I present to you my favourite Ugandan fashion bloggers! I can’t even start to express how dope it was meeting such aesthetes in Uganda. It was so amazing pulling off these looks with them; I almost felt like I was working with Courture, GQ (don’t roll your eyes, my dreams are valid). I was impressed by the spaces they suggested and their commitment to content creation. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


DSC02642DSC02619 DSC02754 DSC02679 DSC02764 DSC02768 DSC02771 DSC02789 DSC02785


This marvel duo is working on a documentary titled “AFRICA THROUGH THEIR EYES” and Bella asked if I could be part of it. How could I say no? I was so amazed by the idea itself and by the fact that at their age they are so invested in social change already (I envy that). Bella is a young activist against the short-term voluntarism many people from foreign counties tend to offer Africa not knowing the detrimental effect it has on the communities. The “fake” hope and short-lived happiness offered to the villages and children they meet does more harm than good. Read more about this HERE.

I was also so happy to meet Peace in person after months of loving her feed on the gram. She told me she doesn’t feel content with her pictures at times (neither do I) and I was like “Girl you have the Canon 60D. It’s invincible!” Anyway when this is finally done, I’ll post on my social media accounts so you can have a feel of what these young aesthetes have to offer.

DSC02892 DSC02897 DSC02903 DSC02915 DSC02927


I’ve been hunting for regal dark skinned beauties to shoot all over Nairobi (still are) but I’ve been so unsuccessful on several occasions. The interest cropped up after watching so many editorials and campaigns involving black models who aren’t well represented in the fashion world as they should be. I’m forever obsessed with Ajak Deng and almost cried when I heard she was quitting the industry due to the unfairness and racial discrimination by designers against super models of colour. I’m forever dazed by Grace Bol and Nykhor Paul from South Sudan, Kiara Kabukuru and Aamito Lagum from Uganda, Maria Borges from Angola etc. I could go and on.

I was so happy to get these black-gold shots of Edna and the edits blended in oh so perfectly. Edna does communications majoring in the social media segment and has worked with several clients to boost their brands. She’s also an amazing feminist and a travel enthusiast showcasing Uganda for it’s true beauty and talent. I love her blog posts so if you want something to read as you sip raspberry green tea waiting on House of Cards to fully download, read THIS.

DSC02821 DSC02819 DSC02822


I’m always asked if we are actually related, who is older? bla bla. Well this is my young sister Esther, and we played with mum’s jewelry one Friday afternoon to create a cliche yet beautiful servant girl look. Oh and she’s an aeronautical engineer in the making (don’t ask what happened to me).


DSC02386 DSC02378

Hope you love the profiling and the pictures.

Seize the week,