Healthy Living with KweNu Kampala

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of being hosted by KweNu Kampala to check out their healthy salad, juice and detox water menu. I’m always interested in checking out restaurants with unique themes and menus whenever I’m back home in Kampala so KweNu was perfect since I’ve not reviewed a restaurant in a while.

I decided to document my experience in form of a conversation and interview I had with Nuba Elamin, the C.E.O and founder of KweNu Kampala. We talked about the food culture in Uganda and East Africa as well as where she hopes to see KweNu in the next few years.

The first juice I had was the “Skin Purifier” which is fresh blend of carrot, apple and cucumber. Yes, it was the name that got me since I’m obsessed with smooth skin and healthy hair. I wanted to opt for pineapple mint since that’s an all-time favorite juice for me but I decided to try something new and it tasted so fresh and sweet. PS: all the juices are made without any additives like honey or sugar.

One of the best things about KweNu is that you can make your own juice blend upon order. If you wish to try out a new smoothie, you can just call them and place your order and they’ll make it to your specification.

Nuba doesn’t consider herself a nutritionist but she seeks to provide healthy food and drink options for people seeking to enhance their healthy lifestyle and those wishing to start the healthy living journey. She studied the market and found that Ugandans and Africans in general, love to eat meat and chicken when they hang out or go for lunch. This meant that she had to capitalize on deliveries to homes, offices and work places during the lunch-hour since most people have not welcomed the idea of grabbing a healthy salad for lunch yet. This was a huge challenge in the beginning for KweNu since getting the idea across was hard and resources were scarce in the beginning.

The positive side to all this is that with time her and her team (3 other ladies) have managed to learn interesting recipes and build KweNu to what it is in less than a year. The reception of the idea is much better now and Nuba has noted a significant adjustment in the healthy living scene in Kampala. KweNu Kampala has been able to do with this their monthly subscription packages for detox juices, breakfast and lunch salads.

Did I mention that their salads are awesome? I got a chicken salad from KweNu Kampala and took my mum a beetroot salad which she absolutely loved since she’s all about healthy eating and lifestyle. The salad dressing stole my taste buds and I really envy people that get to eat KweNu salads on a regular basis.

Anyway, we then talked about how far Nuba sees KweNu and the healthy living scene in the forthcoming years. She hopes to see a significant shift in food culture where people are willing to have a salad for lunch or breakfast just like they grab coffee in the morning or an ice-cream after work. She hopes to offer a wide variety of salads and juices, sell cold pressed juices and salads at supermarkets, and open up more outlets across the city. She also hopes to offer more advice on healthy living and a guide to juice selection on their website.

If you’re looking to make a healthy lifestyle change, you can count on KweNu Kampala to sort you out with affordable fresh detox juices and assorted salads. Detox juices cost 8,000ugx and the salads go for 12,000ugx. 

KweNu Kampala is also on Jumia Food Uganda so you can order through the app. They deliver all over Kampala at 2,000 Ugx only.

Photos were sourced from the KweNu Kampala Facebook page and some were taken by me.

Live and Love,