Grape Seed Oil

I occasionally buy myself flowers so when I post them I get texts like “who’s the lucky guy?” then I’m forced to shutter dreams with my unending single girl speeches accompanied by gifs and huffpost articles. I’m the master of consolation via that department because I’d rather fuss about my sweet peppermint teabags going missing and new skincare products for my regimen than a “text back”. (lie)

Anyway I hope you have all been doing good because today I have some very good news in relation to our skin (insert happy dance gif). It’s the Grape seed oil. The miracle oil. I have added it to my skincare regimen and my oh my! Its results are fast and amazing. Clearly my favourite at the moment.

And I’ll tell you why:

  • It treats acne! No lies. It has antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that help treat acne!
  • It tightens the skin. It has astringent properties that tighten and close up pores so it prevents forming up of pimples.
  • It relieves the dark circles under eyes. Apply for a few weeks and you’ll give me a feedback on what you see under your eyes.
  • For those with sensitive skin, grapeseed oil is the best for you and you can use it as a moisturizer! Yup!
  • Fights aging it helps in the elasticity of the skin hence making your skin look youthful as you use it daily. (Say goodbye to those wrinkles finally).

So you can apply grape seed oil the way it is or you can add it to your creams and natural body butters or even better incorporate it in your body scrubs! Forget those expensive creams for your eyes! This is a simple alternative and you just need to buy a bottle of it.

As you incorporate it in your cooking, incorporate it in to your skin care regimen! I use Borges grapeseed oil. I got it from my mum’s friend but it is around $5 – $10 (approximately ksh 500 – 1000 bob and ugx 17000 – 33000). If you guys want it you can contact MARIE and enquire but first check Healthy U or Good Life stores. They are my go-to for all natural care products and I’m certain you’ll find it there.

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This segment is written by my skincare guru friend ANNASTACIA and I’ve always relied upon her natural skincare regimens to clear up and glow my skin no matter the weather. Thank you for reading.


Seize the week,