Christmas in September Journal

Odd title yeah? Well that’s because this photo-journal was centered around playing with Christmas decor props. Yes. That’s not a fur scarf I just combined two Christmas “thingies” (if you know what they are called please comment and tell me) to create a fluffy scarf-like illusion. I’d really love to buy actual vintage fur scarfs some day so tell me where I can find some. 🙂

Anyway it’s mid-September and the challenges keep piling but we must keep thriving. I’m so looking forward to Banks’ new album, The Altar, that will be released on 30th September (tell me if you like her music). Also How To Get Away With Murder drops on my birthday (dab emojis)! The 22nd of September! I have no plans so this is all I’m looking forward to. Enough of my rumbles, let’s get to the pictures….

Model: Kangai Shantelle

Location: Abandoned house in Thika town, Kenya

DSC05086 DSC05091 DSC05094 DSC05085 DSC05090 DSC05108 DSC05104 DSC05131 DSC05118 DSC05125 DSC05153 DSC05141










Photography: Myself

PS: You can find this and my other work on my VSCO and the PORTFOLIO tab.

Live and Love,