Afros , Feast and Parade


Hey everyone. I finally got hold of the famous SheaMoisture products catalog last year and bought my first 3 go-to products in my regimen. BLISS! They did not disappoint. At all! The instructions are pretty clear on the tins and I've had reasonably healthy hair despite my lazy yet busy routine. My hugest weakness is hair breakage and I suggest…...

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SLUT SHAMING; The Art of Mastered Control

How much sex is a woman allowed to have before we can officially be termed as a slut? This is a conversation I must have had many a drunken nights with many friends and yet, few things are as hard to understand and explain up to now as the whore/ slut threshold conversation. It is interesting that while we continue…...

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So I decided to feature my very talented friend Theo who is so enthusiastic about digital art. This is his piece in his own words.... (drumroll) "….I’ve always been an Art lover as far as I can remember, sketching and doodling random (I say random but it was mostly Johnny bravo, lol) cartoon characters.  There’s a quote by Picasso that…...

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The Larder at Radisson Blu

Yeah I know you've seen this hotel somewhere on the media or on a blog or you've seen it's massive sign letters visible from miles away. (I for one can see it everyday from school). If you haven't, well uhm I'm glad I'm the one introducing you to it. I'm basically going to write about the Larder which is the…...

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