Afros , Feast and Parade

The Rouge Journal

I wish I could publish a photography journal each month because creating this one was as fun as playing dress-up with your little brother and making him wear wigs and lipstick (I'm sure he will bite us for this when he grows up). This shoot was not fully planned out and the weather was as moody as Kanye but we…...

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The Good Hair Collective

Hey everyone! Recently I asked ladies on twitter which is cheaper between growing your hair natural and using chemical/perming your hair. Surprisingly many told me natural hair is more expensive to maintain especially in terms of time and products. I agree. The hugest of expenditures being the Shea Moisture line of products. Now I'm not shading the product line at…...

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The Wild Orchid

June is over and mid 2016 heat is making my face look like a connect-the-dots kids’ puzzle. I think I need to buy sunscreen with SPF 90 next time I decide to visit the tropics because this heat rash just irks. So I decided to embark on a journey that makes my posts as real and blunt as possible especially…...

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Grape Seed Oil

I occasionally buy myself flowers so when I post them I get texts like "who's the lucky guy?" then I'm forced to shutter dreams with my unending single girl speeches accompanied by gifs and huffpost articles. I'm the master of consolation via that department because I'd rather fuss about my sweet peppermint teabags going missing and new skincare products for…...

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Rolex (Not The Watch)

I can imagine the amount of confusion on the face of a non-Ugandan reading that title. Yes. We Ugandans eat rolexes. A lot. And we are not ashamed to have two or more per day. The entire idea behind it is omelet rolled in chapatti and it’s a fast delicacy I’m certain everyone can try out. It’s popularly made and…...

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