Afros , Feast and Parade

The Cake Social

Hey people! It's been a month or more since I posted, I apologize and I do have an explanation as to why I have been off the blogging grid. Firstly, I have been making adjustments to my site and finally came up with a new website theme that encompasses almost all I do with my brand on one page and that has taken…...

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Christmas in September Journal

Odd title yeah? Well that's because this photo-journal was centered around playing with Christmas decor props. Yes. That's not a fur scarf I just combined two Christmas "thingies" (if you know what they are called please comment and tell me) to create a fluffy scarf-like illusion. I'd really love to buy actual vintage fur scarfs some day so tell me…...

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Bentonite Clay Review

September is finally here people! My favorite month. My skin is finally back on track from a horrid breakout in August (I think it was the stress and poor sleeping habits). My personal challenge to myself and all of you this month is to face each day with a positive attitude. Leave your house each morning after saying something amazing…...

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Good Old-Fashioned Potato Salad

Hey hey people! First of all I'm so sorry I've been down on my recipes and content. I'm so so busy of late. I don't understand how our parents got through adulting! Also my cooking spirits have been on the low because of Jumiafood doing their best with bringing good food right to your doorstep (I've tried all restaurants I…...

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The Rouge Journal

I wish I could publish a photography journal each month because creating this one was as fun as playing dress-up with your little brother and making him wear wigs and lipstick (I'm sure he will bite us for this when he grows up). This shoot was not fully planned out and the weather was as moody as Kanye but we…...

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