Afros , Feast and Parade

Masala fish fillets

Hey hey! I hope you're all great and already in the festive mood. I'm so happy that the giveaway went well and I'm grateful for all that participated but more especially I'm thankful for the sponsors and brands that collaborated with me to make it a reality. To see who won read this POST. I also remembered I've not posted a recipe in a minute (sigh). I've made…...

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Soafricane Giveaway

Hey people! If you've been following me on Twitter (@soafricane) you'd probably notice that I've been planning a giveaway for my followers to mark an amazing year of blogging and photography and collaborations. I'm grateful for the support and this is my thank you and Christmas gift to you all. I've partnered with the following brands SHEABYASAL and SERENITYSPAKENYA to give…...

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Shea By Asal Products Review

Hey hey hey! Hope you've had a splendid week because mine is slow and dull and full of procrastination (help me!). Anyway in preparation for my giveaway that I will announce next month, I thought I should talk a little about some of the goodies that will be in one of the packages. I bought myself these products in September and…...

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Why you should visit Lamu

Just last week my friends and I finally went on the long-planned and long-awaited trip to Lamu Island. You know that feeling when you plan something for so long then you finally see it happen? Yeah that was us on the way to the airport even though the flight delayed and shortened our trip by a few hours. If you would…...

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4 easy drinks you should make

Hey people! This past week has been wild and I've multitasked so much to get hundreds of things done in such a short period of time. The year is almost coming to an end and this is when we wake up from our lazy vibes and try fulfill our resolutions before January (this season goes by so fast!). Anyway I thought…...

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