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Healthy Living with KweNu Kampala

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of being hosted by KweNu Kampala to check out their healthy salad, juice and detox water menu. I’m always interested in checking out restaurants with unique themes and menus whenever I’m back home in Kampala so KweNu was perfect since I’ve not reviewed a restaurant in a while. I decided to document my experience…...

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A weekend at Kibo Amboseli

Hey everyone! Last weekend I had the pleasure of being hosted by Kibo Safari Camp in Amboseli and I must say it was a beautiful experience. The hotel is located just about 1.8kms from Amboseli National Park and it’s a 4hr drive from Nairobi city. You get to lust upon the beautiful view of Mt Kilimanjaro as you’re heading towards…...

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How to deal with oily acne prone skin

Hey everyone! I hope you're all well. This is one of the most waited upon blogposts and I'm glad to finally get it up on the website for all that asked on Twitter and Facebook. If you're still reading this you probably want some help with skincare so grab some coffee or wine because this is going to be a rather…...

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How to effectively moisturize your hair

Hey everyone! I hosted the oc256 snapchat account a couple of weeks ago and I was asked a number of questions about how I moisturize and protect my hair. Many girls were telling me they moisturize but find themselves having to re-do the process at night which is honestly time-wasting and not healthy because you're over manipulating your hair. The…...

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An adventure in Mauritius

Happy New Year everyone! For my first post of the year, I thought I should share my memorable Christmas holiday experience in Mauritius Island with my family even though I was not able to shoot the best photos while there. For those that don't know, Mauritius is a little paradise in the Indian Ocean with 23 inactive volcanoes and beautiful waterfalls. In fact it was created…...

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