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Mini twists as a protective style

Hi guys! This is a long post that will also include a video of me talking about mini twists as a protective style and how they can help you in your growth journey, Pros of wearing mini twists: -          Very low maintenance. You keep your hands out of your hair most the time which means it will break less and…...

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Breakfast Challenge Recipes

Hi everyone! Early this month I started a “10 delicious breakfasts in two weeks” challenge and though I finished in the third week I really tried to get at least 9 recipes done within the challenge’s time frame. You may have seen it on THIS thread or on my Instagram stories. I got a lot of positive feedback and decided…...

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A Tour of the Maasai Village

Hey everyone! As promised in the Kibo Amboseli blogpost, I’m following up with this post about our tour of Maasai culture in Amboseli. On our second day in Amboseli we got the pleasure of being taken around a Masai village by Kirisya and a few of his friends. When we arrived, we were told most of the men were off…...

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Scalp Health and Recovering Your Hairline

Hey everyone! As you can tell from the title we will be talking about a touchy subject. A lot of us have had to deal with either of the two issues above or both. I’m no expert but I’m just going to use a bit of my experience and research to educate and help someone out there reading this post.…...

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Healthy Living with KweNu Kampala

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of being hosted by KweNu Kampala to check out their healthy salad, juice and detox water menu. I’m always interested in checking out restaurants with unique themes and menus whenever I’m back home in Kampala so KweNu was perfect since I’ve not reviewed a restaurant in a while. I decided to document my experience…...

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