4 easy drinks you should make

Hey people! This past week has been wild and I’ve multitasked so much to get hundreds of things done in such a short period of time. The year is almost coming to an end and this is when we wake up from our lazy vibes and try fulfill our resolutions before January (this season goes by so fast!). Anyway I thought of 4 refreshments I like to make especially during hot seasons such as this one (summertime in East Africa) and decided to share with you all so you can spice up your pre-holiday season.


I love anything with Oreos and especially love the KFC Oreo Krusher so one day I sat down and made something pretty similar to it.

Ingredients: 4 Oreo biscuits, 2 cups of French Vanilla ice-cream, 6 ice cubes

Method: Blend all the ingredients and serve chilled!


I picked up this tropical fruit smoothie recipe from a friend while were bored at her place trying to revise for some test. I’ve made it so often since then because avocados are sensational and the drink is thick af!

Ingredients: 1/2 ripe avocado, 1/2 ripe mango, 300g of Vanilla yogurt.

Method: Blend all the ingredients and refrigerate for about an hour. Serve chilled!


This is one of those drinks I’ve loved since childhood but the only issue comes with sieving out the carrot residue completely. Anyway you must try it!

Ingredients: 2 carrots, 1 cup of passion juice, 2 tbsp of Sugar.

Method: Make the passion juice or buy some. Blend the carrots with the passion juice. Sieve out the carrot residue as much as possible. Add the sugar. Refrigerate for an hour or two. Serve chilled!


This one is for the wine and alcohol lovers out there. I made a white sangria with sauvignon blanc, strawberries and kiwi fruit that was so sweet but knocked me out (I’m so ashamed of this). This is the more bitter-sweet drink that you should try when you have a cocktail party or just bored on a Saturday night at home.

Ingredients: 1/2 tangerine, 2 kiwi fruits, 1 red apple, 500ml of sweet red wine.

Method: Cut up the fruits and put them all in one bowl or jar. Add the wine and refrigerate for at least 8 hours. Serve chilled!

PS: With sangrias you can throw in almost any fruit even pineapples, raspberries, peaches etc.

All ingredients serve at least a glass per person.

Live and Love,